no really, James Cordon

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Why LOL is good for you.

I am a James Cordon superfan. The best one by far is with Adele–the Spice Girls homage, the “triumphant” bob, the “I believe in trilogies” the “I never drop my name; they call the paps” the “I”m afraid Americans will think England is rubbish.”

Also the one with New Direction–how Harry Styles sings with his WHOLE heart AND smooths his hair at the same time, how Niall is both all focus and also totally amused by James. The Gwen Stefani one isn’t bad–mainly because she’s so happy.

And Justin Bieber–god bless that boy–how deep and sweet he is with James, getting him all dressed up with the surfboard and t-shirt with tails and so generously protecting him from the “paps”.  The Broadway one, too, who knew Jane Krakowski was so real?

Joy. Music. Laughter. Sincerity.

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Thank you James.  Love you James.

just start

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I know I should be strategic about this project on mental wellness. I know I should have a plan. A brand. An identity system. I have a right-brain business planning workbook. I took a course on soulful business planning. I need to know my “why” before I start on my “what.”  And on and on. I do digital marketing for a living.

But I’m currently hypomanic. I’m so hypomanic that I am now trying to hide that I am hypomanic–when I can remember that I’m trying to hide it. I was calling it an upswing but it’s more than that. I always have ideas, but now there are more and they are unruly in their processes.  They jostle in my brain, throw elbows and hip bumps. They won’t take turns. Continue reading