power to the people

Is it possible that the paradigm of the impoverished many and the empowered few will once and finally disappear because of global internet access? For example, the existence of apps like this seems promising. Could the power of code last at least as long as metal movable type? Related, Marshmallow as the name for an operating system is […]

the reason to be

And though the good is weak, beauty is very strong. Nonbeing sprawls, everywhere it turns into ash whole expanses of being, It masquerades in shapes and colors that imitate existence And no-one would know it, if they did not know that it was ugly. And when people cease to believe that there is good and […]

more noise less byte

Once upon a time, back in the day, I thought bit strings (nibbles, bytes, half-bytes, hexadecimals, bits) were infinite in their capacities. I didn’t understand zeroes and ones, (and I still don’t, it should be said, everything I’m working with here is poetical) but I thought they had it covered. Creatio ex nihilo was baked […]

informal market worlds

We are at a border, a boundary, a fault line, and a breaking point. There, are the dialects and the dialectical, the interstices and the interstitial. Here, are the national and the transnational. What was old is new again: artisan, word-of-mouth, footpace. What was official is officious. Notorious is creative. Interruption is innovative. The power of crowds […]